Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wombeyan Caves

Our family spent a lovely weekend at Wombeyan Caves. We cheated and stayed in a dorm to avoid packing up tents in the rain.  We all adored the caves and the lively camping ground. It reminded me of why I study geomorphology. Karst rock features in the caves were so diverse and amazing. The caves were still, damp, quiet, dark and sparkly (well I imagined they were quiet if I removed our kids screams of delight). A few bats flew around the stalagmites, stalactites, helictites, flow stones and columns (cave formations- speleothem). Bushfires even got into the story due to the smoke colouring some cave features.

Accomodation  options at the caves include camping. cabins or dorms. We stayed in the dorms. Cheap, clean and rain proof. You still use communal toilets and there is no kitchen nearby. You can use the camp kitchen. We brought  our own stove which proved very useful.
The whole package is enjoyable at Wombeyan. The place is kid friendly. Bring your bikes, footy balls for the oval, wood for the fires  and the camera for the caves.  This geosite is fabulous.

Lat/Long -34.310300000°, 149.967000000°

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