Monday, November 14, 2011

Geodiversity in NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

I've returned from a wonderful weekend away in Tumut attending the National Parks and Wildlife Service Regional Advisory Committees' Conference on

Rehabilitation, Restoration and Geodiversity

It was lovely to meet so many people that share an interest in both geomorphology and conserving geodiversity.  I came away feeling like there is progression on acknowledging and promoting the importance of geodiversity. I also realised a lot of people have been working very hard behind the scenes for many years to have this important part of the environment recognised. This blog is about promoting knowledge about geodiversity to the modern family.

Over the weekend we visited Black Perry Lookout and Yarrangobilly Caves. The recently renovated caves house would make a great family holiday destination. I plan on getting our name on the waiting list. YES it is that popular you need to plan to stay there and book in advance. Go explore Kosciuszko National Park. It's a fabulous spot.

Black Perry Lookout

Self Guided Tour Cave (South Glory) at Yarrangobilly

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