Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gearing up

In just over a week we head off to explore Australia's geology with a 4WD and a camper trailer. We trialed the system over summer discovering the joys of solar panels being wired in reverse, batteries not charging and the tow wheel handle falling off. The next challenge is fitting all the kids school work in the trailer. I've learnt over the past 13 years its easier to leave Sol to pack the car the way he likes. This may need to change on our 6 month trip or we'll never get away. Needless to say the whole family is looking forward to the adventure. Our dog will be very much missed- there are too many National Parks to explore where Alex would not be welcomed. Luckily a lovely family is minding our house and dog whilst we are away.

Sydney Distance Education is an amazing school with incredible resouces that they post to us during our travels. The kids need to return their work every two weeks. I'm not sure who gets more work- them or me!



The school work- enough for four weeks for three kids (there is one more bag of art supplies and maths equipment)

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