Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gold, gold, gold in Victoria

We found some gold by panning at the Central Deborah gold mine located in Bendigo, Victoria. It was just a mere speck - not worth any significant money. We also went on an underground tour and enjoyed the cornish pasties eaten by the miners back in the 1940s.
The family preparing to underground in the mine

Isaac gold panning at Central Deborah gold mine

Did you know back in the 1800's children were whipped with a leather yard strap if they misbehaved in class?

Liam participating in the yard stick demonstration. He was not meant to be wearing a hat in class.

We spent two days at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Victoria experiencing life during the early goldfield era. We watched the 'Blood on the Southern Cross' a dramatic story about the Eureka Rebellion in 1854.  The miners rose up against the government in a fight for freedom and democracy. 
Sovereign Hill In Ballarat


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