Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lincoln National Park

This must be our favourite day yet! Lincoln National Park has beautiful landforms and is also a fantastic playground. We had our first attempt at using the 4WD in sand dunes. Well, well, well - the first attempt resulted in getting bogged. We used a simple rescue technique of reversing back down the hill. We tried again after letting more air out of the tyres. The car rose to the challenge and we made it up to the most pristine beautiful bay.
Nestled near the coastline was the eroded jagged outcrops of calcrete (CaC03) that had cemented the coastal sand dunes together.
Coastal calcrete
The Wanna - Sleaford sand dune track was like driving on snow. We were guided by long red poles to minimise the impact of cars on the dunes. Due to the windy nature of the day we could see the sand blowing around forming little eddies that started at the top of the dunes then raced down the slopes. The whole experience was serene as we saw no other cars on the dunes that day.
Sleaford-Wanna sand dunes

There was an emu buried in the sand attempting to minimise the sand blasting caused by the wind.
Emu buried in the sand

The highlight of the day was the first sighting of a shark. There was a huge school of bait fish. Sol noticed a grey shape approaching and sure enough it was a shark. It dispersed the fish as it swam through the school. Shortly after a pod of dolphins arrived scaring away the shark. The dolphins rounded the fish into the shore. Liam and Sol were transfixed watching.
Dolphins and the fish school
Further along the coastline we all saw another shark. The Sleaford Bay coastline was remote and beautiful with crystal clear water.
Sleaford coastline

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