Saturday, March 16, 2013

Streaky Bay

Streaky Bay, in South Australia, was a must stop area - inspired by the children’s book “Are we there yet?” by Alison Lester. On our way into town we visited Murphy’s Haystacks. We made letters with our shadows at Murphy's Haystacks. The giant boulders glowed in the afternoon sun.
Murphy's Haystack

Buckman Boys at Murphy's Haystack
Dad wrote a detailed description on the earthdownunder facebook page. We translated his description to “big rocks in the middle of nowhere caused by erosion.” The rocks are sculptured pink Hiltaba granites which are about 1500 million years old. The sculptured features are called inselbergs. The one in the photo with all three Buckman Boys is decribed as a Tafone inselberg.
Kai stuck his head into the shark’s jaw at the roadhouse. No way I’d go swimming with that shark. We camped at the caravan park with no grass. The site was all sand and rocks with a lovely playground next to the tidal flats.
Great white shark eating Kai

We headed to Point Labatt where the only mainland colony of sea-lions exists. We saw sea-lions swimming, sunbaking, frolicking and fighting. The males weigh up to 400kg and the females weigh up to 120kg. The scientific name for sea-lions is Neophoca cinera

Point Labatt
We also visited Smooth Pools and the Granites. Many surfers were braving the sharks due to fabulous waves with spectacular scenery.
Smooth Pool

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